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About Us

2 Mustard Seeds is a program of Expansion International, a Christian nonprofit located in Boise, Idaho. As an organization, Expansion International partners with individuals, churches, and other organizations to bring transformation to communities in Kenya. They do this by providing health, education, and economic programs. 2 Mustard Seeds is just one of their current education programs.

Education assistance greatly impacts a young person's life. Attending high school gives time to mature and provides an opportunity for students to attend a university or find better employment helping them break free from a cycle of poverty. Every time our Kenyan community partners sponsor a teen, the 2 Mustard Seeds Program matches that sponsorship enabling twice as many kids to attend high school.

Education gives hope and direction and keeps children from living on the streets. We believe all children should have the opportunity to attend high school.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable twice as many Kenyan teens to continue their education through high school by empowering and partnering with Kenyan communities through our matching sponsorships.


We also give the opportunity for women to get plugged into a fun, welcoming environment where they can use their gifts to make a difference.

Our goal is not just to raise funding at our resale, but to also provide a place where anyone can find quality, affordable items. Therefore, we offer local churches gift-vouchers to give out to the most needy in our community.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision for 2 Mustard Seeds was to create sustainable income that would support the 2 Mustard Seeds matching sponsorship program.  With the help of a generous donor and the proceeds from our very first sale in 2013, a local home was purchased and renovated, in order to become a rental property. The monthly income from this home creates continued support for education.

We have since acquired two more rental properties and the income generated from all of them provides education assistance that does not rely on year-to-year fundraising. 

We Need Your Support Today!

In addition to matching sponsorships, we also provide opportunities for people to become individual sponsors to a student. Learn more below.

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